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Course for any person who receives a citation and is convicted for failure to yield under Wisconsin statute 346.18

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When you complete our Wisconsin DOT approved course, on the same day we report your info. to the WI DOT.


Questions answered about our Wisconsin Dept of Transportation 100% certified courses.

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Frequently asked questions

General Info

Why should I take a Wisconsin online Failure To Yield / Right Of Way course?

As of August 2012, the state of Wisconsin requires drivers who have been convicted of failure to yield to complete a specific Failure to Yield / Right of Way course. If your violation has resulted in bodily harm and your license has been suspended, you will not be able to reinstate your driving privileges until you have completed this course. Taking our online course is the easiest and most convenient way to fulfill your court requirement.

Is your online Failure To Yield licensed by the state of Wisconsin?

Our Failure To Yield course is fully approved by the state of Wisconsin. It meets the mandated 2-hour time length and covers all right-of-way statutes held by the state of Wisconsin.

I'm not sure if I'm eligible to take your Wisconsin Failure To Yield course to fulfill my course requirement. How do I find out?

After you have been convicted of a failure to yield violation, the DMV will mail you a notice ordering you to complete a Failure to Yield / Right of Way Course. This notice will contain a link that enables you to directly register for our course, or you can do so by registering on this site.

Where do I send my traffic school certificate in Wisconsin?

Once you’ve complete the Failure To Yield course, I Drive Safely will send the DMV an electronic copy of your certificate of completion. We also provide you with the ability to get a copy for your records, as proof that you’ve completed the course in case you need it.

Course Info

How long will this course take?

Your Wisconsin Failure To Yield course is not timed, so you can take the course at your own pace. The course is a state-mandated 2 hours long. You can complete it in a single day, or spread it over a 30 days. Please keep in mind that the court will issue you a deadline by which you must complete the course, so you’ll need to plan accordingly!

Do I have to take a final exam?

Yes, your final exam consists of 15 multiple-choice questions. You need to score a 80% or higher to pass, and you have two attempts to pass.

What certificate delivery options do I have?

Once you pass the Failure To Yield course, we’ll submit the results to the DMV for you, saving you a trip! If you would like a copy of your proof of completion, we have several options available at a nominal cost.