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Teen In Car Lessons

Approved by Wisconsin State DMV (#457)

Our behind the wheel training utilizes modern cars chosen for their safety and applicability to the most common types of student vehicles.


After completing our behind the wheel driver’s ed classes, your driving skills WILL transfer to other types of cars. Below is a brief overview of what to expect from your driving sessions.

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6 Behind the Wheel Lessons

$ 270.00

Fulfills Wisconsin Department of Transportation Requirements. Group environment that the student learns alongside peers while observing.  12 hours in car - 6 hours of driving and 6 hours of observing another driver

9 Behind the Wheel Lessons

$ 405.00

Fulfills Wisconsin Department of Transportation Requirements.

Private - Increased individual driving experience. Time - 9 hours

Session One:
Drive rural roadways and experience how to approach a stop, drive through an intersection, make right and left turns, and how to drive on hills and curves. Learn how to park up and down hill with and without curbs.

Session Two:
We will practice Roundabouts along with Backing out of driveways and which way to turn the wheel. U-turns are taught and practiced as well as backing along the curb.

Session Three:
Our expressway drive, learning how to merge into traffic, change lanes and exit the expressway.  We'll practice Y-turns to get out of any situation, and backing into driveways too.

Session Four:
Learn how to negotiate one way streets as well as narrow pathways and extra traffic, pedestrians and bicycles as well.

Session Five:
Learn how to park and find out how easy parallel parking can be!  We'll learn easier parking techniques for perpendicular as well as angle parking.

Session Six:
Our last drive focusing on skills that will be on the road test as well as  fine tuning the skills we may have not done for awhile.

Session One:
Drive rural roadways and experience how to approach a stop, drive through an intersection, make right and left turns, and how to drive on hills and curves.


Session Two:
Drive residential roadways, also learning uphill and downhill parking with and without curbs. Components of the car will be stressed as they will be used for these skills.


Session Three:
Practicing roundabouts as well as backing out of driveways, U-turns and backing along the curb. Learing wheel direction and concentrating on where to look when backing.


Session Four:
The first expressway drive. Learn how to merge, exit and lane change. We will practice backing into driveways and Y-Turns to get out of those tight situations.


Session Five:
We'll drive expressway and interact with a higher volume of traffic. We will finish this drive with learning how to Parallel, angle and perpendicular park.


Session Six:

One way and narrow streets and multiple intersections.  There are a lot more pedestians, bicycles and cars in the city.



Session Seven:
A night drive is an important experience for student drivers! Drive on all four roadways: rural, residential, business, and expressway. Learn the hazards of night driving and how to drive safely in spite of the hazards.


Session Eight:
This drive will focus on a comphensive and individualized program for each particluar driver. Focusing on refreshing skills and concentrating on individual needs behind the wheel.


Session Nine:
Your final drive is a practice road test, run from start to finish like a DMV road test. When the 15 to 20 minute practice road test is finished, the remaining drive time will be used to iron out any wrinkles that appeared on the practice test.

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