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Why take Drivers Ed with Safe Skills Driving School?

Wisconsin DOT-approved course is 100% online to fit busy schedules

Videos, animations, and activities engage students in the learning experience

Teaches more than the rules of the road, with a special focus on defensive driving

Free practice permit tests


Courses approved by Wisconsin DMV

Wisconsin Online Driver's Ed

Offered by Safe Skills Driving School (#457)

Here's How to Get Your Wisconsin Drivers License

To earn an instructional driving permit, you must be at least 15½ years old to enroll in a drivers ed course. You'll also be required to pass a knowledge and signs test. Our online DOT-approved course is offered by the Safety & Respect Driving School. You'll receive a thorough education on state road rules, backed by the national leader in drivers education.

Once you've finished drivers ed, you'll need to do the following to get your license:

Step by Step Guide

Step 1: Have your Wisconsin Driver's License application (Form MV3001) signed by your instructor

Step 2: Start behind-the-wheel training within 60 days of signing Form MV3001

Step 3: Take a road test at the DMV (must be 16 years old with 6 months of instruction permit usage)

Step 4: Earn your probationary license

Step 5: Hold your probationary license for 9 months without violating your state's restrictions

Train to Become A Confident Driver

You're not here just to pass a test; you're here to learn life-long safe driving skills. Our online courses will teach you effective defensive driving techniques in addition to state road rules—shaping you into a well-rounded, confident driver.

  • Interactive Case Studies

  • State-Specific Content

  • Instructional Videos

Course Support That Goes above and Beyond

  • FREE practice permit tests

  • State-reported proof of completion

  • Friendly 7-day customer service support

Take Wisconsin Drivers Ed Online

Earning a Wisconsin driver's license is simple and convenient. Our all-online course, Safe Skills Driving will help you ace the DMV signs and rules test, and Safe Skills Driving School will get you ready for a lifetime of safe driving.

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